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Award winning composer, producer, arranger for film TV corporate and media. Reg has provided music for multi award winning short films including Signs of Silence (RM Moses - Blame The Consumer) and Colour of Life and Death (Danny Cotton - Fabrication Images). He has produced music for Mellow 9 Productions (Trial By Fire - The Terry Dunage Story) and has supplied music for feature films The Watchman's Edict (Bryan Boykins Orlando Florida) The Numbers (Ciao Handy Films) Super Mix (The Last Dog Productions) and has also produced music for the BBC. He has 3 albums available on iTunes and Spotify.


Reg produces a mixture of electronic, acoustic, orchestrated and field recording/sound design.


"There are artists knowing music theory but who don't have the soul. Some have what it takes but lack the knowledge, in the case of Reg Length it's all there, delivering entertaining and atmospheric music with professionalism and know how."



"Reg's music sounds bright and consistently high in audio quality, production which is at times so huge and complex and others so subtle really displays Length's abilities as not only a craftsman of extraordinary tunes but also a skilful engineer."



"Reg Length is a fantastic composer who I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 3 years on numerous occasions. We first hired Reg to score a trailer for us, and with few notes and limited direction he produced an extraordinary piece of music for us which we kept. Since then we have worked with Reg Length on about 5 more occasions, the latest being on our documentary feature film Trial by Fire - where Reg has scored 90% of the movie with tremendous results. He is able to evoke the mood, emotion and crux of every visual I provide to him. He takes direction well, he makes necessary changes in a timely fashion, and is completely professional in all of his conduct. He is our composer for life - worth every penny!"

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